What are Solid Tumor Trials and Why Are They Important? - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Solid tumors are made of a mass of tissue that does not usually contain cysts or areas of liquid. Breast cancer is a type of solid tumor. 

A solid tumor clinical trial often enrolls people with all solid tumor cancers that have a common feature such as genomic mutation (a change in the DNA sequence). These trials enroll not only patients with breast cancer but also patients with other solid tumor cancers, such as ovarian, lung, colon, or gastric cancer. The goal of a solid tumor trial is to look at treatments that target a biomarker (such as a genomic mutation) rather than the cancer’s organ of origin. They are important for people with MBC because a treatment for another type of cancer may also work in MBC, and because these trials are an additional trial option for people with MBC.

Read below for more information about solid tumor research and find solid tumor trials that are enrolling people with MBC.

The Basics of Solid Tumor Trials

How to Find Solid Tumor Trials

Last Modified on September 27, 2023



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