What is a Solid Tumor Trial? - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Solid tumors are made of a mass of tissue that does not usually contain cysts or areas of liquid. Breast cancer is a type of solid tumor. Solid tumor trials are clinical trials studying more than one type of solid tumor. Many solid tumor trials enroll people with breast cancer. 

Metastatic Trial Search maintains a registry of solid tumor trials enrolling people with metastatic breast cancer. You can find the trials here: Metastatic Cancer Trials (not specific for breast cancer)

Keep reading to learn the definition of a solid tumor, the biology and testing of solid tumors, types of solid tumor trials (including basket and umbrella trials), and to see all solid tumor trials currently in the Metastatic Trial Search registry.

The Basics of Solid Tumor Trials

How to Find Solid Tumor Trials



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