Steps Toward Expanding Eligibility Criteria to Increase Diversity in Clinical Trials - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Lack of diversity is a long-standing issue in clinical trials. This lack of diversity is often related to strict eligibility criteria, including other medications taken by the person, washout periods, performance status, laboratory tests, prior therapies, the status of brain metastases, and others. Another common exclusion criterion is the presence of certain comorbidities (other conditions a patient has) such as diabetes or high blood pressure. These are more common in Black patients than in other groups. As a result, Black patients may be unintentionally and disproportionately excluded from and underrepresented in cancer clinical trials. Expanding eligibility criteria is essential to increase diversity in cancer clinical trials.

Read below for general information about the lack of diversity in current clinical trials, and steps towards solutions.

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