Metastatic Trial Search Tutorial Videos: Now Available! - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

Special Topics

We are excited to announce that Metastatic Trial Search now includes a series of 10 brand-new tutorial videos covering the following topics:


  • Introduction to Metastatic Trial Search  
  • What is Active vs. Stable Brain Metastasis?  
  • What is “Measurable Disease” and Why is it Important?  
  • Trial Results Page Overview  
  • Tips for Refining Your Trial List  
  • How to Read a Clinical Trial Summary  
  • What Should I Do When I Find a Clinical Trial?  
  • How to Find Additional Metastatic Breast Cancer Trials  
  • What is My Profile?  
  • How Do I Complete My Profile?    

The videos and their accompanying written guides are placed throughout Metastatic Trial Search, as well as in an easy-to-use Help Guide accessible on the bottom right corner of each inside page. Videos can be viewed on all devices — computers, tablets, and mobile phones.  

We hope that the tutorial videos help you and your loved ones learn about, discover, and consider clinical trials as an option for care.

Last Modified on October 31, 2023



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