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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder. Many people associate PTSD with anxiety that can be seen in soldiers, sexual assault survivors, and others who have experienced a frightening or life-threatening situation. Less well understood are the ways that cancer–its diagnosis and associated pain, long hospital stays, regular scans, and more–can trigger PTSD in cancer patients and caregivers.

In the articles collected below, you can learn more about the signs and symptoms of PTSD, how it can be treated, and where to find support.

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    Additional Metastatic Breast Cancer Resources

    ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    Provides phone-based one-to-one mentoring to those affected by breast cancer as well as a personalized mentor matching service for breast cancer patients, their families and friends.

    American Cancer Society
    Comprehensive cancer information.

    Anne Appleseed Project
    Information about natural cancer therapies from the patient perspective.
    A message board and listserv for women with metastatic disease.
    Comprehensive information about brain metastases from a patient perspective.
    Comprehensive information about breast cancer detection and treatment.

    Breast Friends
    A national toll-free hotline staffed by breast cancer survivors. Phone: 1.888.718.3523

    Developed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Cancer.Net contains comprehensive and up-to-date information for all people affected by cancer. All content is approved by cancer doctors who are members of ASCO.
    A comprehensive website offering free publications in English and Spanish as well as a series of support groups and educational seminars for employees with cancer, their employers, coworkers and healthcare providers.

    CancerCare is a national nonprofit organization that provides free, professional support services to anyone affected by cancer. It’s programs, including counseling, education, financial assistance and practical help, are provided by professional oncology social workers and are completely free of charge. CancerCare provided help to more than 108,500 people last year.

    Cancer Information and Support Network
    Patient information and support tailored to one’s situation. The site also contains a Breast Cancer 101 for those who want to learn more about the biology of cancer and how anti-cancer drugs work.

    Cancer Support Community
    Provides a network of professional programs of emotional support, education and hope for people affected by cancer at no charge so that no one faces cancer alone.
    A user-friendly, multimedia women’s health information site created by Donnica L. Moore, MD.

    Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation
    Comprehensive information about breast cancer prevention, detection, and treatment.

    Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation
    Fosters innovative inflammatory breast cancer research, educates stakeholders, and advocates for both patients and survivors in order to improve the lives of those touched by inflammatory breast cancer.

    Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network Foundation
    Funds research regarding Inflammatory Breast Cancer and provides education to the general population as well as the medical community regarding Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

    Inflammatory Breast Cancer Support
    Provides information and support for individuals with IBC.

    Insider’s Guide to Metastatic Breast Cancer
    Provides information about approved therapies in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, as well as scientific studies, cutting edge research, clinical trials, and palliative care.

    Lazarex Cancer Foundation
    Provides financial assistance to patients traveling for participation in clinical trials.

    Living Beyond Breast Cancer
    Provides information and support for women affected by breast cancer.

    Male Breast Cancer Coalition
    Patient advocacy group for building awareness and providing education about male breast cancer.

    Nonprofit organization that provides education and support for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

    Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance
    A coalition of nonprofit groups, advocates, individuals living with metastatic breast cancer, and industry partners committed to improving the quality of life for women and men living with metastatic breast cancer.

    Metastatic Breast Cancer Network
    Advocacy group for women with metastatic breast cancer.

    The social network for women facing breast cancer.

    National Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Home Page
    Educational information about breast cancer.

    Navigating Cancer
    Helps patients bring together their most important resources to assist them in their care.

    Nueva Vida
    Education and support for Latinas affected by cancer. The website is presented in both English and Spanish.

    Patient Advocate Foundation
    Helps patients with chronic, debilitating and life-threatening illnesses remove obstacles to healthcare such as medical debt, access to insurance, and job retention.

    An online breast cancer support network for people affected by breast cancer.

    Share Cancer Support
    A national nonprofit that supports, educates, and empowers women affected by breast, ovarian, or metastatic breast cancer, with a special focus on medically underserved communities

    Provides free support and educational programs to women and men nationwide; specializes in providing support to Jewish women and their families.
    Women’s Cancer Resource Guide.

    Story Half Told
    An initiative by Pfizer in partnership with advocates, patients and healthcare professionals that aims to elevate public understanding of metastatic breast cancer (MBC), dispel misperceptions, combat stigma and expand the breast cancer conversation to be more inclusive of metastatic breast cancer.

    Susan G. Komen
    Features information about breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and support.

    Theresa’s Research Foundation
    Funds research for Metastatic Breast Cancer treatment options and quality of life.

    Provides free, comprehensive second opinions to adults in California diagnosed with cancer.

    Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation
    Provides discussion forums and educational programs for women with triple-negative tumors.

    Triple Step Toward the Cure
    Information, emotional support, and financial assistance for patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

    Young Survival Coalition
    Information and support for young women with breast cancer.


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