Oncolytic Viruses: Using Viruses to Kill Cancer Cells - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Oncolytic viruses are being studied in clinical trials as a new way of treating cancer. This type of treatment uses viruses to kill cancer cells, though the viruses will not make you sick or affect healthy cells. Instead, oncolytic viruses are injected into a tumor and cause tumor cells to burst, which activates the immune system. Oncolytic viruses are being studied in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors to further activate the immune system and kill cancer cells.

Visit the links below to learn how oncolytic viruses work and how they are being studied in people with cancer, including MBC.

How Oncolytic Viruses Work
Patient-Friendly Information on MBC Clinical Trials Studying Oncolytic Viruses

Last Modified on December 22, 2022



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