Turning “Cold” Tumors Into “Hot” Tumors: Researching How to Make Immunotherapy Work in More People With MBC - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Immunotherapy is treatment that helps the immune system find and kill cancer cells. Immunotherapy works best for tumors that already have immune cells close by; these tumors are sometimes called “hot” or “inflamed” tumors. Immunotherapy does not work in many people with breast cancer, in part because these tumors have low numbers of immune cells and are considered “cold” or “not inflamed”. Researchers are looking for ways to make “cold” tumors “hot”, making them visible to the immune system and therefore more likely to respond to immunotherapy. Some of these strategies are being tested in clinical trials.

Read below to learn more about “hot” and “cold” tumors and strategies to convert “cold” breast cancer tumors to “hot” tumors that are being tested in clinical trials.

Introduction to “Hot” and “Cold” Tumors
Ways to Turn “Cold” Breast Cancer Tumors Into “Hot” Tumors
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Last Modified on April 30, 2024



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