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Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) are small pieces of DNA from cancer cells that are released into the blood. ctDNA can be detected with a blood test, also called a liquid biopsy.

In a recent post, we shared guidelines stating the lack of evidence to use ctDNA testing to guide MBC treatment decisions. However, new information suggests that ctDNA may be used in some people to determine eligibility for specific drugs. ctDNA testing continues to be an active area of MBC research and clinical trials.

This information may be useful to help start a conversation with your doctor about whether ctDNA testing may be right for you.

Introduction to ctDNA and Liquid Biopsies
ctDNA in MBC
ctDNA in HR+ MBC
ctDNA in HER2+ MBC
ctDNA in HER2- MBC
ctDNA in Triple-Negative MBC
MBC Clinical Trials

Last Modified on March 31, 2023



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