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I will have to pay for ALL medical costs associated with my participation in a breast cancer clinical trial.


Answer: False

While you are in a treatment trial you may receive an experimental, new breast cancer treatment in addition to routine breast cancer care. In this instance, the trial sponsor is responsible for the new breast cancer treatment while many insurers will cover the remaining routine patient care costs. (Patients will still have to pay co-pays and co-insurance amounts, even if the trial is covered by their insurance.)

In fact, Federal law requires most insurance companies to cover routine patient care costs like scans and other tests that take place in the clinical trial. This varies from state-to-state, so it is important to check with your insurance carrier. Medicare has been covering routine costs for breast cancer clinical trials since June 2000.

Most trials do not cover costs such as parking, meals, transportation (if the trial site is not near your home) and lodging. However, there are programs that can help cover these costs.

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Last Modified on March 4, 2021



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