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When you use Metastatic Trial Search (MTS), you will match to metastatic breast cancer-specific clinical trials. To help you access all clinical trials available to individuals with MBC, we’ve recently added two new features:

  • Trials coming soon to MTS: We post trials to MTS up to a few weeks after they first appear on Want to see what’s coming? Use our new “Trials coming soon to MTS” feature, which you can find on the trial results page. Clicking here will take you to a list of trials. Click on the trial title, and you’ll go to the full study listing on
  • Additional Metastatic Trials: Want to see early studies that are enrolling patients with any type of solid tumor (not specific to metastatic breast cancer)? Click on our new feature “Additional Metastatic Trials,” which will also be right on your trial results page. This list of Phase I and Phase I/II trials are provided and updated by a metastatic breast cancer patient and advocate Christine Hodgdon of the Storm Riders Network.



Metastatic Trial Search (MTS) is a clinical trial matching tool designed specifically for patients with metastatic breast cancer. MTS provides clinical trial information in a patient-friendly format that makes it easy to quickly see what a trial is studying, who can take part, and where the trial is taking place.

Last Modified on February 10, 2021



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