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Personalized medicine is not just about what medication to choose, but also about how a medication is given. One important concept is the right dose, a personalized dose of medication adjusted according to a person’s individual characteristics.

Currently, oncologists use either a flat dose (all patients receive the same dose) or a dose based on body surface area for some cancer drugs like chemotherapies. However, studies have shown that using these approaches leaves some people underdosed and others overdosed, which can lead to less effective treatment, drug resistance, and increased side effects.

Giving the right dose, a personalized dose of medication, is important for maximizing effectiveness and minimizing toxicities.

The Patient-Centered Dosing Initiative conducted a survey on this topic sent to people with MBC. The results and information generated from this survey were recently published. Read below for an introduction to the idea of the right dose and for updates on this initiative.

Introduction to “The Right Dose”
The Patient-Centered Dosing Initiative and Survey Results

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