Theragnostics - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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The term “theragnostics” (also called “theranostics”) is a combination of two words: therapy and diagnostics. This technology allows imaging of a tumor (diagnostics) and treating (therapy) with the same molecule. Typically, theragnostics involves attaching a radioactive molecule to a targeting drug. The resulting molecule is then given as an injection. The radioactive portion allows the tumor to be seen on a scan while the targeting molecule directs the drug to the tumor.

Theragnostics can be used for any cancer type and may be especially helpful for metastatic cancers in which local treatment with surgery or radiation might not be feasible. Although theranostics is more advanced in other cancers such as prostate cancer, theranostics is promising in breast cancer.

Read below for more information about what theragnostic is, how it works, and its potential in metastatic cancer.

Introduction to Theragnostics
Theragnostics in Breast Cancer



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