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Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is not the name of a specific breast cancer test. Instead, it is a category of tests that look for all the genomic mutations in a tumor’s genes. Confusingly, NGS goes by many names, including comprehensive genomic profiling and broad molecular profiling.

For people with metastatic breast cancer, the goal of NGS is to find their tumor’s specific mutations; then target those mutations with an already-approved therapy or with a therapy being studied in clinical trials. The underlying belief is that using targeted therapies for specific genomic mutations will increase survival and quality of life for some people with MBC.

What is Next-Generation Sequencing

  • Broad Molecular Profiling Tests This article from Breastcancer.org defines NGS, delves into the different types of genetic mutations within a tumor, and lists the types of NGS tests currently available.

Does Next-Generation Sequencing Benefit Patients with MBC

Clinical Trials Studying Targeted Therapies & Tumor Mutations

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