Art Therapy for People with MBC - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Art therapy is a tool used for a variety of purposes, including self-expression, communication, and releasing strong emotions. Research has shown that art therapy improves quality of life for some people living with metastatic cancer. Importantly, you do not need to be a self-described artist to benefit from or enjoy art therapy.

People with breast cancer can often find free art therapy classes at hospitals and cancer centers. If you are interested in finding a class near you (or online), you can search the website of a hospital near you or where you receive treatment. Academic hospitals may also offer free online art therapy for people, regardless of where they are located.

    • Art Therapy  Living Beyond Breast Cancer describes different types of art therapy classes, such as group or private/individual. Some classes are free, while others require payment which may be covered by health insurance.

Last Modified on February 3, 2021



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