Metronomic Chemotherapy: Looking at A New Way to Receive Treatment - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Metronomic chemotherapy is an emerging way of giving chemotherapy that aims to provide less toxicity than traditional chemotherapy. With traditional chemotherapy, people can experience various degrees of chemotherapy-related side effects. In metronomic chemotherapy, a lower dose of chemotherapy is given more frequently, sometimes daily, for a longer period of time. The drugs used in metronomic chemotherapy are typically taken by mouth. The hope is that metronomic chemotherapy will provide fewer side effects and a better quality of life with the same treatment benefits.

Read below to find out more about what metronomic chemotherapy is, how it works, and how metronomic chemotherapy is being used to treat the three main subtypes of MBC.

How Metronomic Chemotherapy Works
Results in HR+, HER2+, and Metastatic TNBC
Clinical Trials for MBC Metronomic Chemotherapy



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