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June 2020

Recent FDA Approvals for Metastatic Breast Cancer

For the past two months, Metastatic Trial Talk brought you the latest about cancer and COVID-19. But while the world focused on coping with the pandemic, the Food and Drug Administration kept drug approvals moving. It approved in April two new medicines for metastatic breast cancer: tucatinib (Tukysa®), for HER2-positive disease, and sacituzumab govetican (Trodelvy®), for triple-negative disease.

Below, read about the FDA approval of each new medicine, who might benefit the most, how the treatments are given and what side effects each may cause. In addition, you’ll find information on the approval of a third drug, trastuzumab deruxtican (Enhertu®), announced in late December.

Tucatinib (Tukysa®)
Sacituzumab govetican (Trodelvy®)
Trastuzumab deruxtican (Enhertu®)
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