Why You Should Consider Repeat Biopsies - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Your cancer may change over time and when spreading to different locations in your body. These changes can be detected with a biopsy. The pathologist will examine your biopsy sample for different biomarkers. The biomarkers present (or not present) in your biopsy sample, as well as any changes detected since your last biopsy, can help your doctor choose your next treatment. The changes detected in a biopsy sample can also help determine if you are eligible for a clinical trial you may be considering. Also, biopsies taken over time (called serial biopsies) can help scientists understand how tumor cells change over time, respond to treatments, and respond to a new location in the body.

In this month’s related From the Experts post, we are highlighting new recommendations about how biomarkers detected in a biopsy sample can be used to make treatment decisions.

Click the links below to learn more about how biopsy results are used to select treatments, determine clinical trial eligibility, and advance research.

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Last Modified on September 26, 2023



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