Doctors & Patients on Clinical Trials - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Many people diagnosed with cancer never consider entering a clinical trial. Yet clinical trials provide unique opportunities to receive high-quality care while contributing to the research that is necessary to determine the effectiveness of new cancer treatments. Hearing patients’ and doctors’ personal opinions and experiences can help you think about whether and when to consider a clinical trial as part of your cancer care. Below you can:

Watch the Cancer Support Community’s “In Their Own Words.” In this video series, doctors and people living with cancer discuss their experiences with cancer clinical trials.

Watch the Cancer Support Community’s “A Story of Hope,” which includes a range of cancer patients talking about the decisions they faced when considering whether and when to enter a clinical trial.

Read an interview with a breast cancer advocate conducted with an oncologist about how clinicians learn about clinical trials.

Watch an ACT video that includes doctors talking about what patients need to know about clinical trials.

Last Modified on March 4, 2021



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