Experts Break Down Important MBC Research from SABCS 2023 - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

From the Experts

The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) 2023 was held in December 2023. Many important studies about MBC were presented. Click below to see videos and interviews in which experts summarize the studies they consider most impactful for people living with MBC. 

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation (videos): Interviews with triple-negative breast cancer experts highlight information most relevant for triple-negative MBC

  • Dr. George Sledge talks about the antibody-drug conjugate sacituzumab govitecan in advanced triple-negative breast cancer (beginning at 2:33) and tissue agnostic discoveries (discoveries that apply to several different cancers; beginning at 10:21).
  • Dr. Rita Nanda discusses drug sequencing (the order that different drugs should be given; beginning at 6:04) and the importance of considering quality of life during treatment (beginning at 4:10 and 6:56).
  • Dr. See Phan talks about antibody-drug conjugates, biomarkers, and immunotherapy (beginning at 2:45).

Living Beyond Breast Cancer (video): Stephanie Graff, MD summarizes important clinical trial results presented at SABCS 2023 (MBC results summary, which is sometimes technical/advanced, begins at 1:40)


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