Different Types of Imaging Scans: MRI - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Last month, we provided an overview of the different types of imaging scans you may receive if you have MBC. We now continue with a deeper dive into each scan, including what they are for and how and why they are being studied in clinical trials. Participating in a clinical trial that is studying imaging scans may be an opportunity to get a scan you might otherwise not get because of considerations such as insurance or a non-standard use for the scan.

We start with MRI scans, also called magnetic resonance imaging. An MRI scan produces pictures of the body that are created by using magnetic energy rather than x-ray energy. MRI scans are most useful for seeing metastasis in the brain and spinal cord and sometimes the liver. Read below to find out more about what an MRI scan is, what it is used for in MBC, and for clinical trials studying MRI scans in people with MBC.

Introduction to MRI Scans
MRI Scans for People with MBC
MBC Clinical Trials


Last Modified on July 1, 2024



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