Imaging Tests for People with Stage IV Breast Cancer - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk

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Imaging tests like PET scans and MRIs are used throughout metastatic breast cancer treatment. Early on, they may be used to see where the cancer has spread and to help with treatment planning. Once treatment begins, imaging tests may be used to help monitor how well your therapy is working. There are also clinical trials studying new methods and uses for imaging tests for people with MBC.

What are cancer imaging tests?
  • Imaging (Radiology) Tests for Cancer ACS lists different imaging technologies and explains that imaging tests are used in many different ways for people with cancer. Some of these imaging tests are currently used in clinical practice, others are currently being researched.
Imaging tests currently used for people with MBC
A new use for MRIs: Regular screenings for brain metastases
Can PET scans guide treatment decisions?
Clinical trials studying imaging in MBC


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