COVID-19 & Cancer: Mental Health - Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Talk


It’s easy to feel alone when COVID-19 has driven us all to spend much less time out and about. These long stretches of time without leaving home or seeing loved ones can be stressful for anyone, but can be even more mentally taxing for people with cancer. Since it’s still unclear as to when we will be able to safely spend time with one another, it’s important to consider how social isolation can affect our mental health. The good news is, there exists a wide range of information and support for when you’re feeling down. 

Below you will find information about how the pandemic can affect the mental health of people with breast cancer, resources for coping with negative feelings and social isolation, and ways to safely stay connected.

Effects of COVID on Mental Health

Resources and Support

Ways to Connect

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Last Modified on December 2, 2020



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