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Thanks to COVID-19, leaving the house to visit a doctor’s office can become a risky activity for people with metastatic breast cancer. One of the biggest challenges created by the coronavirus is the ability to get accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare in a time when this is vital. This challenge has led to a surge of advances in technology to provide alternative ways to get cancer care, including telemedicine, mobile apps for your phone, and artificial intelligence solutions.

The transition to virtual care produces several benefits for cancer patients who can’t make their way into the physician’s office, but it’s not without its downsides. Learn more about the pros and cons of virtual care options below.

Cancer care challenges during the pandemic
Virtual Care options during the pandemic


Mobile Apps

  • App Calculates Risk of Delaying Cancer Care During Pandemic Mobile Apps are another way metastatic breast cancer patient can use technology to stay safe during coronavirus. One group at the University of Michigan developed an app that uses a patient’s cancer information and local COVID data to calculate a person’s risk of delaying treatment due to the pandemic.

Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Remote Patient Monitoring

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