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BreastCancerTrials.org (BCT) is a patient-friendly, online clinical trial matching service focused exclusively on breast cancer. It has a registry of over 600 studies actively recruiting patients in the USA, including clinical trials and observational studies. Conceived by patients, and prototyped at the UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center, BCT was validated in a UCSF/NCI research pilot prior to its nationwide launch in 2008. The mission of BCT is to accelerate breast cancer research by making patient consideration of trials the norm vs. the exception. Towards that goal, BCT develops tools and services that engage patients to discuss trials with their providers as a routine option for care. BCT is a program of Quantum Leap Health Care Collaborative, a non-profit organization affiliated with the UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center

Users can access the BCT Trial Registry in one of two ways:

    • BCT Match: Personalized matching to trials based on a user’s self-reported diagnostic and treatment history; users find trials for which they are most likely to be eligible. BCT Match users can opt in to the BCT Trial Alert Service, which informs them by email of newly listed trials for which they may be eligible.
    • BCT Browse:  Ability to navigate the registry using searchable keywords or linking to groups of trials organized by trial type (e.g., immunotherapy) or tumor type (inflammatory breast cancer).

Trial results obtained either through BCT Match or BCT Browse are written by staff in patient-friendly language. These summaries highlight a study’s purpose, treatment plan, and contact information for participating sites. Guided by patient feedback, BCT recently developed a new design for BCT/MTS trial summaries along with literacy guidelines, both of which were tested with patients from diverse backgrounds.

All of the improvements we have made to BCT are the direct result of the information, feedback, and advice we have received from breast cancer patients and advocates.

More About BCT

We believe that carefully conducted clinical trials give researchers and breast cancer patients the opportunity to work together to advance all aspects of breast cancer care. Our programs reflect and advance our mission to make patient consideration of trials the norm rather than the exception by providing:

    • Unbiased, high-quality information about breast cancer trials patients may qualify for and how consideration of trials can be integrated into their care.
    • Easy access to clinical trials taking place throughout the U.S.
    • Accurate information about why clinical trials are important and how they are structured.
    • Tools that help providers and patient navigators find trials right for their patients.

Every advance in breast care has occurred because of patients participating in clinical trials. Not all trials lead to advances. Participating in a trial does not mean you are getting a better treatment than what is currently available. It allows you to be part of the discovery of new treatments.

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